Who What Where, by Olivier Tallec

Who What Where, by Olivier Tallec is the second installment of the great book Who What Who, an observation book that you will surely remember that we loved it and that we have shared many times on social networks.

Repeating landscape format and hard covers, we will first see a scene with a question and, below, the characters that could have participated in it. Observing carefully we will have to answer what they ask us.

For example, one that we found quite difficult:

Who has forgotten the jacket on the hanger?

We are not going to reveal who he is, but as an anecdote we tell you that we had to look at the solutions, and even then we could not agree!

Another example, in this case simpler:

Who plays ghosts?

Although it may seem that we are facing a very simple book, the truth is that it gives a lot of play. In fact, some of the questions seem to us to require a lot of observation and patience, making it a book that can be enjoyed by a fairly wide age group. At home, the Peque, who has just turned 4 years old, some of the challenges have cost him a lot and the Mayor, with 6, has made him think … well, if even the adults have had to think a lot about some!

Right now we are in a phase in which the Little one loves this type of book-games in which his participation is actively requested so, it goes without saying that if he loved the first part, this second has fascinated him and he wants to even get the book into bed to sleep.

It is a relatively long book but you will certainly end up learning the answers, it is inevitable. So we are already looking forward to Olivier Tallec surprise us with the third installment. We get tired of his books!

A very very entertaining book that, without realizing it, encourages children to concentrate and observe, practicing patience and the ability to abstract. Who What Where is one of those books that, in addition to being fun and entertaining, teaches children qualities that are not always easy to instill.

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